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Element Studio Architects

To build or not to build? That is the question!

There are pros and there are cons, and just like everything in life we need to see which side are we on.
Designing and building a house takes time, more than you would need to get out in the market and buy a home. On the other hand, when you design and build your home, you know that you get what you want. When you buy a ready made home, you get what you see, which, sometimes, is not your exact dream; it’s like a dream with compromises…
When buying a ready made home, you save energy. When building, you choose the materials that you like.
When buying a home, you are ready to move in. When you design and build, you go through the process of creation. It takes time but is it creative and exciting.

To build or not to build? We say “yes” to the challenge, and we invite you to join us through the exciting process of creating a home in Greece!

Contact us at Element Studio Architects and we can discuss the development or renovation of your home; with fresh ideas and innovative materials you can now have the house that you desire anywhere in Greece!

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Telephone: +30 2107211856
Address: Patriarchou Ioakeim 56, Kolonaki athens